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Our Mission
  1. To Certify Qualified Individuals for the MMJ program by providing assistance in deflecting the costs to participate in the MMJ protocol/ and help alleviate the cost of Medication. We would use a system in which the doctors would indicate who is the most needed. Those individuals with terminal illness will be covered at no cost. Individuals who do not fit that criteria would receive a % of coverage for medications. Currently, insurance companies are unable to help patients become approved, to pay to attend the required visits, nor are they able to help defray the cost of the medication. We, as a group, who are educated in the MMJ programs, know the importance of everyone having access to this natural miracle. Our goal is to assist in making MMJ readily available to all individual who can benefit from such a medication. Our further goal is to help alleviate the opiate crisis. The attempts at curbing this epidemic thus far have FAILED! We want to change that, we CAN change that. We now have procedures in place which will assist the drug addicted individual in this dangerous transition from a deadly opioid to an all-natural medicinal plant. Our group will continue to monitor those individuals whom have been aided through our organizations funding in order to document their personal progress. We are dedicated to this fund so these goals can come to fruition in the immediate future but we need your HELP! 

  2. Provide Educational and Medical information that will:  

    • Familiarize potential patients and providers on the everyday use of MMJ. 

    • Provide factual information and being able to decipher from that being fed to the public by those who consider this a drug,and who make their living from the “War on Drugs”.  

    • Individuals and Providers will know their rights and responsibilities when obtaining certification.  

    • We will provide honest PRO/CON facts about the usage of MMJ.  

    • Patients and Providers will learn the different strains and essential strain responsibilities that play different factors in treatments. One of our most important goals is to Lift the cloud of stigma. Medical Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug as some claim it is. It does not drive you insane or cause you to commit horrendous crimes. This scenario comes from a generation of folks who were taught this false information all of their lives through movies such as Reefer Madness, Scare Tactics from television commercials and horror stories that have been passed down through generations. For many years past, the failure to study this medication has been a hindrance to our communities and we did not even realize it! Our schools, Law Enforcement, Court Systems and Medical fields have suffered with the wrong information!! We can change the minds of the general public by bringing awareness with the MMJ Program and allowing them to see the benefits that come from this. Nothing will teach a person more than them seeing a loved one being assisted by this natural plant. 

  3. A Key part in our Mission is creating bridges between public organizations. We will create a baseline of understanding and cooperation between Parents, Caregivers, Foster Homes and Child Advocacy Agencies. Children are being removed from homes because a Parent/Caregiver is an MMJ recipient. Parents are being arrested for administering this plant to their suffering children despite the proven good that it does. Parents, Siblings and Grandparents are being separated from seriously ill children only because they are using a plant to assist in calming and providing relief in symptoms of illness. Ill Children are being placed in homes that are not meeting their medical needs because they are following the rules of Child Advocacy Agencies who refuse to recognize these benefits. Even after seeing it with their own eyes!!!! Opening the eyes of the Child Advocacy Organizations will lessen the occurrences of removing a child from a loving and stable home. We will address these agencies in order to avoid more damage during the process of MMJ usage. We hope this will be enough but, if not, a future goal is to help provide funding for legal services for families who are involved with CPS for the use of MMJ. 

  4. We will create case studies on chosen individuals which we assist to be used for any future understanding of what this medication can do. The way it can change lives! 

  5. We guarantee the before-after stories will amaze even the most defiant non-believer. This will all be completed thanks to your HELP!!! 

  6. We will continue to rally for full legalization of MMJ usage across all states. We will continue to educated the public on the benefits other than the remarkable health improvements and life altering effects. This will provide jobs. It will bring new business ventures with financial gain and tax proceeds to support many other areas of our States. We picture a new way of life for people who are now struggling through those obstacles faced by the family of a severely ill person, especially a child. We foresee a peaceful and harmonious way of life in allowing individuals to take back their healthcare options where we are not forced to put ourselves or our families on these opiates that are killing people at an alarming rate. There will never be a MMJ overdose! But remember, we cannot do any of this without YOU!!!  

  7. We the (Crowd Pow Wow Proud Foundation) will provide a place for all Veteran's that is safe and reliable to get them to the Dr.'s and dispensaries they need. Currently the Veteran's Hospital is not allowing the information to be share and we want to give them a place to come for information regardless if they decide to utilize the program or not. If there is a chance our Vet's need us then we need to be there. We advocate and open our doors to them now. We want to be sure we are giving everyone of every background the same options. We believe in the need for dispensaries.. We want to keep focus on the value that this Miracle truly offers to Patients in care as well as those struggling in life battling Opiates and any other condition.  

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